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Standort: Alexanderplatz 1, 10178 Berlin

We are looking for a passionate and hard-working developer to help us pimping our platform subcultours!

Your responsibilities: 

> Bug fixes and changes based on user feedback
> Implement Facebook Login 
> Integrate Paypal payment process
> Integrate animated Feedback button for artists

The skill set you should bring with: 

> Git
> React
> TypeScript
> GraphQL

> Git
> NodeJS
> TypeScript
> GraphQL
> Amazon Web Services (AWS)
/ CloudFormation
/ DynamoDB
/ Cognito Identity
/ S3
/ ElasticSearch
/ AppSync
/ Lambda

We pay you performance-based. That means we set up a contract with deliverables beforehand, decide on a price and make sure you have enough time to get everything done. We look for a freelancer who has enough time to purely focus on subcultours so the job gets done smoothly and on time. Ideally we can work at the same location together for the entire time-frame of the project – should be between 2-4 weeks.

What we do >> is a platform that helps all types of artists, artisans and creative entrepreneurs to set up a profile and offer workshops and creative experiences to like-minded people. Like this, artists can create a 2nd income stream so they can pursue their career of passion full-time. People can meet the creative souls in their private homes and workspaces and create together with them. Our vision is to bring people from all over the world and with all different kind of backgrounds together to share a great time with lots of fun, inspiration and creativity!

Find out more about us here >>

Are you keen?
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